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Friends & Family Benefits

  • Important Note:  The following benefits are  available to Friends & Family who are active recipients of the Monthly News and Rates Advisor.


  • My services are free as the bank pays me a finder’s fee for clients with 600+ credit scores



  • I don’t work for any one bank, I work for you!


  • Isn’t it time the Banks compete for your mortgage business? I’ll provide you with some options so you can compare them to  decide which you feel most comfortable with.  It never hurts to get a second opinion


  • Mortgage Switch Benefits: No cost switch for new clients with a $300(Max) appraisal refund for clients with a beacon score of 800+ (On Approved Credit by Selected Lenders) and pro-bono Smart Equity access that helps you become debt & mortgage free faster(a $1,595 retail value)


  • Our application process is simple and quick 48 hr turnaround is usual!


  • I’m available on your terms – Weekdays & Saturdays by appointment


  • I take one credit bureau only but can forward your file to many lenders!   Many people inadvertently disqualify themselves from getting the best rate when they are shopping for a mortgage. When multiple banks pull a credit bureau, your credit rating drops every time, sometimes eliminating the chance for the best mortgage or a mortgage at all!


  • Large range of products.Such as self employed, credit challenged, no down payment, cottage properties, line of credit, 2nd mortgages and more


  • I appreciate your business. I want to do an exceptional job for you because I would like all your family and friends’ business in the future!


  • I am a Licensed Expert. Deal with a mortgage broker specializing in mortgages from all lenders not just one.  Bank specialists are not licensed and can only provide a product of the bank.


  • Credit & Identity Protection. Pro Bono analysis of your credit score($400 value) and advice as to how to protect  against identity theft



  • Each referral qualifies for a 10% gift certificate






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