What's the catch?  Plain and simple, there is no catch...We have just taken the process of obtaining a mortgage to a new level. The difference between Verico Paragon Lionsview Mortgages Inc and other brokers/financial institutions is that our application and approval process is completely online.

How do we do it?  Verico Paragon Lionsview Mortgages Inc has developed an online mortgage qualification system that is able to qualify mortgage applications through a filtering process.  Applications that meet the requirements are given an "Instant Mortgage Approval" or "Instant Pre Approval".  No strings...

If you have reasonable credit, and the property qualifies, there is  no reason why you will not be given an "Instant Mortgage Approval" or "Instant Pre Approval".

Even if you have less than perfect credit we encourage you to go through the mortgage application process and let a member of the Verico Paragon Lionsview Mortgages Inc Mortgage Approval Team work to find the mortgage that best suits your needs.